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Sita sings the Blues

Like The Blues?
Dig India?

A BOY and his DOG

poco conocído clásico del Cine de Ciencia Ficción.


Interesante, para fans de Romapagana. (En Inglés)...



Shaking the foundation of democracy, the shocking revelations behind the tragic series of events outside Waco, Texas that killed four federal agents and 76 men, women and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect has finally been exposed.
Winner of an Academy-Award® nomination in light of its incredible discoveries, Waco: The Rules of Engagement brings forth devastating evidence of federal law enforcement gone tragically wrong. It dares to suggest the ATF provoked war with a group whose apocalyptic religious beliefs and rumored manufacturing of illegal weapons made them easy targets for an inevitable abuse of its members’ civil and human rights.
Waco: The Rules of Engagement will change forever the way the world thinks and talks about the tragedy at Waco and, most importantly, it will renew our commitment to the basic precepts of tolerance and freedom upon which American society is built.

Remember Me?

Que pasó en W.A.C.O. ?

David Koresh (born August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was the leader of a Branch Davidian religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. A 1993 raid by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and subsequent siege by the FBI ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch. Koresh, 54 adults and 21 children were found dead after the fire, though the time of death is in dispute.

Esto existe...


Competencia Desleal

Andrea Prodan (topless): Diputada
Andrea Prodan (t-shirt): Musico/Actor

lunes, abril 27, 2009

Review: Human Zoo (2009) (3) at CPH:PIX Copenhagen Film Festival

Rie Rasmussen directs her first movie...

Angel A Trailer (Luc Besson)

Could have been a GREAT short-movie
and has some profound moments, plus a clear central message... "cut through the bullshit, and be yourself",
and goofy/sexy Rasmussen is a delight.