viernes, octubre 10, 2008

rocky intro


Rocky Horror Picture Show - I`m going Home

Curry Impressionante en este momento de The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show [scene 22]

"... or SANE persons!"

Rocky Horror Picture Show [scene 30]

Budget bajo
Grandes Ideas y
Escenografia maravillosa...
y los actores y musica!

Wild Horses-The Rolling stones

Best Version?
Great Song!

miércoles, octubre 08, 2008

XTC - 14. Battery brides.mpg

Mouse on Mars - Twift Shoeblade (LIVE)

Hey! They've been listening to XTC's 'GO +'
ep (the rare one with dub versions of their songs...). This is like 'Dance with me, Germany' the cover of 'battery Brides'.
At least Mouse on Mars have GOOD taste when it comes to inspiration!
Bye from Argentina!

David Brent welcomes the Swindon Lot

Antes de ver lo que sigue abajo... si tienen tiempo... una PERLA del humor Inglés.

Full Metal Jacket - Motivational Speech

Tres facetas del American-Way-Of-Life

Glengarry Glen Ross speech

Gran Peli de David Mamet

Wall Street - Greed Is Good

This is The Recipe...
now WE are eating the Dish.

No son Bilardo y Bochini...

redemption song ((((recordemos a bob marley))))

"Won't you help me sing..."

Before a Bush Speech, this happens

JFK ATC Bad Day at the office - Funny

Air Traffic Control Cock-Ups in United States Airspace...

ATC Air Traffic Control - Milano Linate

A veces ser Italiano da verguenza...