sábado, octubre 25, 2008

'Ciccio' Graziani

Un GRANDE del futbol Italiano (y de La Roma) que, en este caso, grabó un 45rpm. Kitsch Romano.

A las 7pm; Nota en Radio FM Palermo (musicalizando el Programa!)

Y este sábado, ANDREA PRODAN, será nuestro co-conductor invitado. El músico y actor nos estará acompañando, además de anticiparnos la presentación que dará esa misma noche en PLASMA con su agrupación ROMAPAGANA.

viernes, octubre 24, 2008

Preparativos Argentinos, Espionaje Británico...

Pocos los Porteños...

Un Boeing 707 de Aerolineas Argentinas transformado en Transportador de Tropas a Malvinas. "Un Saludo para Mamá, muchachos!"

MUCHOS años despues, algunas verdades suben al flote...

Secret Falklands fleet revealed

Lord Owen said similar action should have been taken in 1982
A Royal Navy task force was sent to the Falkland Islands to defend them from Argentine attack five years before the war there, archive papers have shown.
The flotilla led by nuclear-powered submarine HMS Dreadnaught was thought to have deterred a 1977 invasion.

James Callaghan's government secretly ordered Operation Journeyman after 50 Argentine "scientists" landed on South Thule, prompting fears of an attack.

The details have been disclosed for the first time by the National Archives.

The Argentines eventually invaded the Falklands five years later in 1982.

Intense secrecy

Lord Owen, who was foreign secretary in 1977, said that if Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government had taken similar action to that of five years earlier, the war would not have happened.

The papers show Lord Owen insisted the 1977 mission was conducted in intense secrecy. Even the crews did not know where they were going.


UK Watergate report
Wilson feared island spies

"There is no need for anyone to know the destination of the frigates. They should be sent on exercise in the Atlantic," he said.

"Only at sea need they know they are going south, even then I cannot see why anyone, other than the captain, should be told their purpose."

The Argentine government was privately warned by the UK that a nuclear submarine was in the area, but other countries were said to be unaware.

The archive papers show there was much nervousness in Whitehall, especially over the operation's legality.

'Risk to life'

Ministers wanted to create an "exclusion zone" around the islands - as happened in 1982 - but notes warned that could be "politically escalatory, probably illegal and could set an unwelcome precedent".

The issue was fudged as Attorney General Sam Silkin was only asked for his advice on the legal situation after the fleet left.

Concerns were so high, HMS Dreadnaught was told if it was attacked by Argentine anti-submarine weapons it must "surface or withdraw at high speed submerged, whichever will be of least risk to life".

Cinísmo á la Macchiavelli, sin duda.

....many Argentine nationalists have long suspected: that Britain came to the rescue of Falkland Islanders in 1982 because it was determined to secure long-term strategic and resource-based interests in the South Atlantic and Antarctic. More widely, other countries, especially in the third world, will look upon this development as further evidence of a select group of countries attempting to colonise the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean for their benefit rather than the international community

Gardel no era Francés?

The Spanish name for the islands, "Islas Malvinas", is derived from the French name "Îles Malouines", bestowed in 1764 by Louis Antoine de Bougainville, after the mariners and fishermen from the Breton port of Saint-Malo who became the island's first known settlers.

HMS SHEFFIELD orgullo de la marina britanica y hermano gemelo del Coventry

Durante mis 12 años de educacion en Inglaterra tuve la singular oportunidad de vivir, por UNA SEMANA, a bordo de este Guided-Missile Destroyer, conviviendo con los marineros.
Cuando, tres años después, este barco de última generación fue hundido por aviones Argentinos (país donde vivía mi hermano), lo absurdo de todo conflicto bélico me pegó fuerte.

Los Macro y Micro aspectos de TODA la guerra de Malvinas/Falkland

jueves, octubre 23, 2008

Sons of the SS Banner, Romapagana

of the
Star -Spangled
are here...

Devo, Girl you want, cover by Romapagana

Version de tema de DEVO (año 1997)

domingo, octubre 19, 2008

mattone volante

Algo sobre Arthur Russell. Si no lo conocen, es hora de investigar...

The story of Arthur Russell's life is easy to mythologize. A Midwestern farm boy runs away from home to the hazy streets of San Francisco, befriends Allen Ginsberg, and is locked in a closet by a half-assed charlatan who at least has the wit to recognize Russell's talent as a cellist. Then suddenly Russell relocates to Manhattan where he shares a street address with the likes of Ginsberg and Richard Hell. Without skipping a beat Russell befriends and collaborates with The Modern Lovers' Ernie Brooks; Philip Glass; David Byrne; Robert Wilson; and other luminaries of the New York City avant-garde and, more importantly, of the burgeoning disco scene.

Almost overnight Russell is producing groundbreaking experimental disco tracks under a host of aliases, all while continuing to explore his primary interests: his cello and his voice. Despite his quest for popularity, Russell descends into self-doubting paranoia which leaves him at home endlessly recording and re-recording songs dedicated to this lover, Tom Lee, before eventually falling prey to AIDS in 1992.

"Flaco, tu banda es DE MADERAA!"

Demasiado Tarde?

Let's join Eric Joyner

A little CRUMB

Falta menos de una semana...

El Jardinero