sábado, septiembre 02, 2006

National Socialist White People's Party Pt. 3

That Good ole Nazi Birthday Cake.
Full of 'white' ingredients...
Olympia Wa rally Speeches Pt.1

Freak Show? Stand up Comedian? Johnny Rotten imitator?
NSM Lansing MI Rally Pt 3

Las chicas estan en campaña, con los ojos fijados en Adolf! (Y que chicas!)
NSM Lansing MI St. Capital Rally Pt.2

The best stand up comedians are NOW ONLINE!
NSM Lansing MI St. Capital Rally Pt.1

The U.S. has their fatty Daddy Adolf Too, my frienz!
NSM Lansing MI St. Capital Rally Pt.5

So much in common
with old Germany and the good old U.S.
Largest Atomic Bomb Detonated

Just a little weight of Uncle Sam's conscience?

jueves, agosto 31, 2006

IGGY POP and The Stooges - TV EYE

Ha! Ha1 Ha!
The birt of Punk, sans doute... año 1970!
Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Brotherhood of Lizards

martin newell
Iggy Pop