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El mejorcito de la epoca Polydor


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Orange Juice & Edwyn Collins
I'm sure some of you know the music of Scotland's Orange Juice and even more have heard the music of the band's lead singer Edywn Collins through his solo work. Orange Juice released a lot of great music in the 80's and Edwyn Collins had a hit in the 90's with the song "A Girl Like You." He continues to make great music but unfortunately he has taken ill.
Stuart Maconie of the NME, had this to say about Orange Juice: "They had the courage to fail. They wanted to be The Velvet Underground, they wanted to be The Delfonics, they wanted to be Sly Stone and the Buzzcocks all at the same time, and they were prepared to make fools of themselves in the attempt. According to their detractors, this is precisely what they did, but why waste time on the grouses and churls when there are songs as good... did I say good? Songs as life-changingly fantastic as 'A Sad Lament', 'Falling And Laughing', 'Consolation Prize' and 'The Artisans' ... There's really not much more to say. Except that the "shoo shoo shoo shoo doo"s in 'In A Nutshell' say nearly everything there is to say in the confines of a pop song. And that... oh, don't start me off. We'll be here all night". [from Bird Poo]

Comsat Angels

Otra excelente band del Norte de G.B.

Oscuros parientes de Joy Division ,Bauhaus & Co.

Esquivaron el exito.

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